The Devil Wears Affordable Accessories

Going through my blog today, I realized that I’ve never done a post on fashion. This strikes me as odd, considering that fashion is an integral part of who I am.

In high school, I’d wake up early and spend time getting ready for school, carefully selecting my clothes, accessories and shoes to match. But as an university student, I tend to roll out of bed and straight to class, not really paying attention to how I look. Not to say I never care about my appearance – I always dress up when I go out. However, for school, it comes down to sleep vs beauty, and sadly, sleep wins every time.

But walking along the streets of Paris (not to sound like a pretentious ass), I realized that it’s just me. It seems that I’m the only 20-year-old female who really doesn’t care what I look like. Of course, my samples were probably skewed, seeing as I was in the fashion capital of the world. It did wake me up, though, to the aesthetics of the world around me. Even in Canada, people are well dressed and put together. And so for this academic year, I promise to implement more fashion in my life, even while trying to study/work/save money/sleep.

Until then, here’s another glimpse into me: my current favourite accessories. Please feel free to comment/message me if you’d like to know where I bought these.

Pink + gold oversized clutch

Nude + gold studded watch

Gold + green jewelled earrings

Printed scarf

Lace up grey wedges

Blue flower-print scarf


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