Happy Labour Day, Canadians! I hope your weekend was as good as mine – I spent all of today downtown with my family. We went to High Park where we walked around for a couple hours, rode a tiny creaky train, saw a bunch of animals and fed a couple o’ llamas. The park is one of the reasons I love this city – complete serenity despite being in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Today was the last day of the Canadian National Exhibition and they had an air show with four or five planes. Me, being Mrs. Paranoid and the anti-adrenaline junkie, watched the planes in fear and in hopes of everything going smoothly. Thankfully, it did.

Before we realized it was an air show, we (and several other drivers on the road) were confused at the loud whirrs coming from the sky. In all honestly, I think we were all worried; this foreign noise sounded dangerous. It was only when my family stopped at a gas station and examined the sky did we realize what was going on. This made me think though – all of us, being in a place as wonderfully safe as Canada, were all scared for those few minutes. But imagine all the poor souls in war-stricken countries, listening to the drones of planes day-after-day. They know exactly what it is and know that this is the sound of inevitable doom. But they’re trapped, in the middle of a battle, praying that it won’t be them, not today. This thought brought perspective and sadness into my heart. I’m blessed to be living here, in a country so safe I can sleep soundly at night. Being in my bubble, it’s so easy to be ignorant to the world around me, a world I can’t even fathom. I pray that God has mercy on those less fortunate as us and may they be granted the peace of heaven. And may it never be us.

So what are you grateful for today?  Let’s all take a minute to appreciate what we have, forget what we don’t, and pray for those who have it worse.

Be kind and God bless,


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