Challenge Yo’self

I’ve spent all morning doing a little work and a lot of lying in my bed and watching youtube videos so I thought I’d at least get my writing juices flowing and write a blog. 

Lately my phone addiction has been getting out of order and after months of my friends yelling at me to stop checking my phone when people are talking to me, I decided to do a week-long no texting/whatsapp-ing, no social media challenge

The rules were I couldn’t go on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram (I don’t use any other social media, really). I also couldn’t text/whatsapp/BBM anyone (not that I do the last one very much) – I could check the messages, since I had a lot of group projects and had to communicate with a lot of people, but I couldn’t reply. I had to either e-mail/call them.

It was really really hard. I slipped once the first day and click on the little Instagram logo on my phone but quickly exited before I saw anything. I never quite realized how much I (and so many others) was (was? were? do things in brackets count as part of a sentence?) addicted to my phone. I also never realized how rude it was to check your phone in social situations or while people are talking to you. It is incredibly disrespectful and it makes it seem like you don’t care about what people have to say. I apologize sincerely to everyone I’ve done it to. 

What I’ve learnt since then is that I don’t have to constantly be up to date with everyone’s mundane lives. It’s alright to be sitting on the bus and just thinking or looking around you. You don’t have to check your phone just because you’re alone or because you feel awkward. It’s okay to just beI admit that I’m back to my creeping ways. I’m not proud of it but I didn’t expect to just quit it. What I have changed, though, is making sure my phone is in my pocket or away from me when I’m hanging out with friends. I’ve learnt to listen to people and pay attention to them. Why is it that even when we’re with the friends we usually text, we have to text other friends to see what they’re up to? Let’s learn to focus on where we are and who we’re with and forget about the lives of others for a while.

I really liked the challenge and since then I’ve challenged myself to not straighten my hair for a week (worst week ever), not wear contacts for a week (strangely enjoyable) and not eat meat for a week. Each of these challenges seem to teach me something about myself (I’m rather vain and I really like meat) and encourages me to be better.

So now I’d like to invite you to challenge yo’self



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