Review: Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

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The Ultrabland cleanser was my first Lush product and the main reason I bought it was because I was tired of using make-up wipes and wanted something a little more environmentally friendly. I read reviews and finally made the plunge and forked over CAD 29.95 for the larger pot of the cream cleanser.

Firstly, I thought the price tag was a bit too steep. I was always a run to Wal-Mart and pick up a Garnier face wash kinda girl and I wasn’t accustomed to spending 3 hours of work for soap (I price things according to a state-of-the-art method I invented known as “The Number of Hours I Would Have to Work to Afford This”. It’s supposed to make sure I don’t spend too much money on one thing but, clearly, doesn’t work).

To use this, you:

1. Take a small dollop and massage it onto your dry, made-up face.
2. Wet a face cloth with warm water and wipe the cleanser off.
3. Look at your face cloth with shock and horror as you realize how much make up you slathered on your face this morning.
4. Realize how moisturized and smooth your skin feels.
5. Smile.

What I love about this cleanser is that it is so moisturizing. It really balanced my skin out and I didn’t feel the need to apply moisturizer or oil after using it. It was especially great during the summer because my skin wouldn’t be shiny and greasy from the additional moisturizer. I know this quality is what others may not like about this product; when I first used this, I felt like the moisturizing property made my skin feel unclean rather than hydrated. But once you get used to this feeling, it’s all good.

Lush Side

I would definitely be buying this product again and I encourage you all to try it out. Let me know what other Lush products I should try out!

*I have combination skin with a slightly oily T-zone all year round  and dry spots around my mouth/chin during the winter.


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